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The Musician's Life

New Video Piano Lesson On Major Piano Chord Variations 

Here's a new video I just shot for the online piano instruction site www.pianolessonsonline.com. It features some cool way to decorate major chords using the 9th. The basic idea behind this piano lesson is to give a player some new ideas when they see basic piano chords in a chord chart.  Instead of just playing triads the whole time there are lots of simple ways of creating… Read more

Chicago Piano Lesson Free Sampler Video  

 Here is another video lesson I just shot.  In this particular video lesson I feature a lick by the very famous jazz piano player Bill Evans.  I hope you enjoy this video.  Shooting these jazz piano lessons has been a great way to share with the community.  I hope to teach you all piano in my chicago piano lessons  studio very soon.

How To Comp: Two Handed Jazz Blues Chord Lesson 

 Here's a free lesson I just shot for the website www.freejazzlessons.com I really go into depth on how to play rootless jazz piano chords and voicings behind a soloist. There's some cool chords and rhythms in there. I'm excited to share it with friends in Chicago and around the world!   This video lesson combines 2 of my favorite styles. Jazz and Blues. I even throw in a… Read more

Free Jazz Piano Lesson #3 

 Here's another free video piano lesson I just made for the site freejazzlessons.com.  In this video I teach you how to play a lick that jazz pianist Barry Harris played over the standard "Green Dolphin" Street.  There's some awesome bebop vocabulary in there.  Enjoy!

Paying It Forward 

When I graduated Berklee in 20002 they had a great career assistance program in place.  This program allowed recent grads to get in touch with successful musicians who were living in the city the recent graduate was planning on moving to.       I didn't know very much about Chicago nor did I know much about the music business here.  I just knew I wanted to be there.  I received many great tips along… Read more

How To Choose the Right Piano Teacher Article #1 

Many future piano students are overwhelmed by finding the right piano teacher. Finding a teacher that understands your individual goals and can help you achieve them can seem very difficult.  Here is just a few tips to assist you in selecting the best piano teacher for you.  1. Choose a teacher with lots of professional performance experience.  If you study with a teacher who… Read more

New Location For Chicago Piano Lessons 

 Hey Friends,      Just a quick note.  I have moved my Chicago Piano Lessons Studio to the Old Irving Neighborhood in Chicago.   I am super excited by the new studio set up.  It really is a dream come true.   The piano studio is still easily accesible by the Blue Line and 90/94.  I look forward to continuing to offer the highest quality piano lessons in my new spot.  Thanks!