How to Increase Your Band's Bookings (How to Influence Club Owners)

 Here are some really important and often times overlooked concepts to keep in mind when dealing with club owners.  When applied properly your band bookings will great increase.
Booking Considerations

1. On a scale of 1-10 how would your rate the quality/professionalism of your promotional material? (if it's not a 9 or above then it needs to be)

2.How is your press kit? Are your recordings tight? Do you have nice pictures? Is your bio well constructed?...etc. etc.

3. Do you have really great and compelling posters to hang up? text on them?

3. Are you placing highly visible ads in trade papers or local music sections? Do you hang them up in high traffic areas?

4. Do you have a well constructed Facebook fan page? Do you have any relationships with corporate sponsors? Lots of bands have liquor or beer endorsements. Seek one out.

This is just a small list and there are lots of other techniques!

Keep this in mind though.....

Club owners are business people first and music fans maybe second. Demonstrate that you can go above and beyond on the business level and they'll be much more willing to book you.

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