Owning the Right Gear

If you’re like me you’ve spent an absolute absurd amount of time working on your music and getting your playing together. Good instruments are essential to help transfer the sound and depth you've worked so hard to acquire.  It's only fair to your audience. I don’t care how great of a player you are it will diminish your sound and your message playing on below average gear. Why would you ever want to do that? I try to get the absolute best gear I can afford.

For example, keyboards that have poor internal sounds, guitars that have warped necks and cheap wood, drums that have cracked cymbals, flimsy shells, or cheap snare drums, cheap microphones. These things are all a no no. It’s also important that you maintain your amplifiers and all the electronics on your instrument. If you’re a guitar player change your strings regularly and have a back up pair just in case. Drummers make sure you have enough sticks for the gig and change your drum heads on a regular basis. Make sure you also have good cables and some backups if you can. It’s also really important to have some good cases to protect your instruments. This is your means of income and if you don’t keep your instruments in shape you can’t make money! I like to eat don’t you?

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