Turn Off Your Crackberry and Create Something!

turn off your crackberryToday we get so caught up in technology that we forget how important creativity is to what we do. For many people the barrage of email, Facebook messages, Twitter, text messages, and other types of electronic communications have taken over their lives. It’s getting harder and harder to find that uninterrupted time to do good creative work like practicing your instrument, writing songs, making art, and even just living a healthy life. Being accessible 24 hours a day and constantly being distracted by technology is a disastrous thing for creative people.

My whole music career has spawned from one simple concept. Uninterrupted time alone with my instrument. In other words.....PRACTICE. Every gig I’ve ever played, every student who’s ever wanted to study with me, and every audience member I’ve ever inspired have all arrived in my life because I sat down alone and worked consistently on my craft.

If you catch yourself spending more time with your Blackberry than you do with your instrument, maybe it’s time to consider another approach.

Tell technology to shut up for a few minutes, and be alone with your instrument, the sooner you start the better. Put aside a small block of time each day to practice and create.

Turn off your phone, turn off your Internet connection for awhile, and shut the door. You’re a musician who LOVES to play and create with your instrument. When you make great music everything else in your music career will manifest from there. Never forget that.

For more info on how to better utilize your practice time and make music more than a hobby, please visit my Music Career Help page.

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