New Music Career Mentoring Program Almost in Place

This has been a really crazy, stressful, interesting few weeks. In addition to maintaining a really intense gigging schedule recently, my behind-the-scenes team has been working day and night to put together my new Music Career Mentoring program.

It’s an exciting new step for all the people who are part of my team. I’m going to be able to offer my elite level career mentoring as part of a fully planned-out program that I’m ready to implement.

It’s been the natural next step for me. I’m really enjoying helping talented musicians with their careers, and I love the idea of working with musicians to get them to their next career level. It’s amazing to give someone some of the insights I’ve received over the years, and watch them use it to their advantage.

I really think this is a big part of my calling, and I’m glad to be able to make it work for so many amazing students. I’m ready to bring more people to their success, and am looking forward to all the opportunities the new site brings.

So stay tuned! This is going to be a really action-filled next two weeks. I’ll be announcing my new site and doing some formal press releases next week once everything is in place. I would love your feedback on what we’re currently doing, and am looking forward to sharing music career mentoring with anyone who’s interested - even some seasoned folks out there who are looking to improve on their existing methods.