Learn Some Otis Spann Licks

Here is a very cool video I just found.  It's of Otis Spann playing his "Spann's Blues".   There are some phenomenal blues licks in this video and the first chorus is a close up of his hands.  Spend some time…Read more

Thoughts On Becoming An Expert Piano Player

I’ve always believed people have unlimited potential for learning music. If they put the time in to really develop themselves anything is possible. For years I’ve conquered limitations within my own musical development and have helped my piano…Read more

Awesome jazz singing and scatting....

 This brought me such joy when I listened to this. I have to share it with you guys. Here's a video of Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme scatting together at the Grammy's in 1976. This is some of the most…Read more

Dealing With Stage Fright At A Recital Or Gig.

Do you get nervous before you perform?  Have you avoided any opportunities to perform for fear of making mistakes in public?  You're not alone.  Fortunately, there are some really effective strategies to overcome your fear of playing in front of…Read more

New Music Career Mentoring Program Almost in Place

This has been a really crazy, stressful, interesting few weeks. In addition to maintaining a really intense gigging schedule recently, my behind-the-scenes team has been working day and night to put together my new Music Career Mentoring program.

It’s…Read more

Music Career Longevity

Many people make the mistake of stopping their search for music work once their students or gigs reach their peak. Even if you have enough income coming in, it can’t hurt to continue trying to expand your music work for…Read more

Android Phone for Musicians?

Yesterday I traded my Blackberry in for a Google Android phone. It’s a little hard to believe, even for me. I loved my Blackberry, and got some pretty extensive use out of it. I was hearing great things about Android…Read more