A Gig Question That Most People Forget To Ask

     So, you've been doing a great job of meeting other musicians.  Your reputation as a musician is spreading and your musical "brand" is growing.  Finally, some calls are starting to roll in.  Band Leader X, who has seen your regularly…

The Music Career Memory

     I had a really fascinating moment musically speaking a few minutes ago and figured I'd share it with you.
I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the design work for the release of my "Learning Chicago Blues Piano" Instructional…

Getting Past What Currently Limits You In Your Music Career

Getting beyond the mediocre threshold as both an artist and a music business entrepreneur can be extremely challenging. There is lots of information out there about how to get lower and medium level gigs. There isn't a lot of information…

Playing Music Robotically

I've heard some people criticize other players for playing to "monotonous or robotically".   This video is on a whole other level though.  The engineer has definitely applied his own special talents to a "music career".  Check it out....

Your Reputation As a Musician

Musical Utopia minus 1

I just finished hosting a jazz jam session at my place in Chicago. It really was a lot of fun and almost an entirely positive situation. It was the type of jam where everybody…

Announcing a New Artist Interview Series

I'm excited to announce that I will be doing a series of artist interviews and posting them on the site.  A number of top level artists will be featured from several higher profile national touring acts.  Stay tuned and check…

Facebook for Musicians and Using Your Own Website

Facebook is a fantastic tool for certain purposes as musician. There are lots of personal and business reasons to use it as a social network. It should by no means though be your only forms of communicating to your fans.

Inspiring Quotes for Musicians and All Creative Thinkers

Here is a small sample of some of my favorite quotes.  These little word gems both inspire and challenge me as both an artist, musician and human being. 

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take."

Concepts For Creating a Compelling Musician's Bio

Every professional or aspiring professional musician needs a bio. Your personal bio is your way of introducing yourself to both fans and music industry types in a way that puts your best foot forward.  Here are some very important concepts…