Hammond B-3 Drawbar Tips For Piano Players

Many piano players who start playing Hammond B-3 Organ find themselves intimidated by the concept of drawbars. Piano players are used to creating tone from their hands, wrists, fingers, and the way they use their body to strike the piano… Read more

How To Develop and Use a Presskit

       So you’re finally getting good at your instrument and you have the equipment and the music to follow. Maybe you have gigs and places to play at. What do you do to get to the next step? How do you…Read more

Creating the Perfect Practice Space

What does your practice space look like?  I'm referring to the space, room, or area that you sit down and practice your instrument. Is it messy or is it clean? Does it have art hanging on the walls and various…Read more

Being On Time In the Music Business

I’m going to share a sad truth right now. A truth that you will be able to use to your advantage. Most musicians disregard punctuality. I can’t tell you how many musicians I’ve encountered that are repeatedly late to…Read more

Owning the Right Gear

If you’re like me you’ve spent an absolute absurd amount of time working on your music and getting your playing together. Good instruments are essential to help transfer the sound and depth you've worked so hard to acquire.  It's only…Read more

Essential Musical Skills: Sightreading

Although you can get by in this business without reading music it becomes a crutch, is impractical, and limits your gig options greatly. Most people have to be even more developed in another area of their musicianship to make up…Read more

Chicago Blues Piano Instructional DVD

I'm excited to announce that we've completed the final round of filming for my upcoming Chicago Blues Piano Instructional DVD.  Shooting the footage was a blast but I couldn't believe the amount of time and work required!  It was all…Read more

Essential Musical Skills: Arranging

Ability to arrange

Back when I was at Berklee there was a girl there who seemed to get all of the top gigs around. I’ll call her Jane for privacy reasons. I kept on hearing about Jane and seeing…Read more