Free Jazz Piano Lesson #3

 Here's another free video piano lesson I just made for the site  In this video I teach you how to play a lick that jazz pianist Barry Harris played over the standard "Green Dolphin" Street.  There's some awesome…

Free Jazz Piano Lesson #2

Here is another free video lesson I made for  

This video is a lesson on how to play a turnaround lick.  Turnarounds are very common in jazz and this lick and can be used on lots and lots…

Paying It Forward

When I graduated Berklee in 20002 they had a great career assistance program in place.  This program allowed recent grads to get in touch with successful musicians who were living in the city the recent graduate was planning on moving…


How To Choose the Right Piano Teacher Article #1

Many future piano students are overwhelmed by finding the right piano teacher.
Finding a teacher that understands your individual goals and can help you achieve them can seem very difficult.  Here is just a few tips to assist you…

New Location For Chicago Piano Lessons

 Hey Friends,
     Just a quick note.  I have moved my Chicago Piano Lessons Studio to the Old Irving Neighborhood in Chicago.   I am super excited by the new studio set up.  It really is a dream come true.   The…

Finding A Way To Communicate Your Message Through The Arts

I just watched this really great video by conductor and pianist Benjamin Zander.   We need more people like Benjamin Zander who have the rare ability to be able to communicate through their playing and their words.  Music as an artform…