Have You Always Wanted To Play The Piano?
Not Sure Of The Best Way To Learn?
You've Come To the Right Place!
  • It's simple: A great piano teacher is your key to becoming a great piano player
  • You deserve the bestYou want to be sure that you're being guided from a teacher with years of experience. 
  • Piano Teacher Steve Nixon has performed with many Grammy award winning musicians. 
  • Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks, Shemekia Copeland, & more.
  • He takes his experience from the stage and shares every detail with his piano students.
  • You will receive the most advanced musical training today in modern music. Steve has been teaching piano for over 12 years with thousands of successful piano lessons taught.
  • Steve is a degreed professional with a B.M. from the world's top contemporary music institution the Berklee College of Music.
  • Steve has over 1100 professional performances on his resume in places such as Europe, South America, The Caribbean, Canada, and all over the United States. 
  • Steve's piano students have shared music with friends and family, played in bands, churches, college music programs, and also have achieved successful performance careers. 

What Will You Learn?

  • Different Styles - Jazz piano, rock, blues, classical, pop, funk, R&B, & new age.
  • Technique - Master the physical skills needed to execute any piece of music.
  • Independence -  Create fantastic rhythms parts with each hand.   
  • Improvisation -  Learn to to create your own music  spontaneously.
  • Music Reading Read notes and understand music like you're reading a newspaper.
  • How to Practice -  Learn to increase the efficiency of your practice over 500%.
  • Groove - Learn the rhythmic skills that separate the professionals from the amateurs.
  • Theory - Study the formulas & building blocks behind your favorite music.
  • SoloingLearn to create your own soulful melodies & solos on top of songs and chord progressions.
  • Repertoire - Everybody needs songs to play. We work so you can play songs you love for friends, family, and fans.
  • Transcription -  Learn how to figure out your favorite music right off the radio, a CD, or your Ipod.
  • Ear Training - Learn to access the music you hear in your head instantly at the piano.  Play a new song with one listen. 
  • Music Career Preparation - Learn the skills needed to play music professionally and gig. Lessons pay for themselves!

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What Students are Saying

Don't waste your time or money on less qualified instructors.  You deserve the best! lessons@stevenixonmusic.net 
"Working with Steve has helped me push myself to achieve goals in piano I once believed were past my time to learn. I consider Steve a mentor and friend that will push me to new learning experiences in line with my long term goals with music."
-Mike K, 26 (Chicago)

"Steve’s piano lessons have served me tremendously well as they are rich in theory, technique and musicality yet extremely enjoyable and engaging. He’s helped me develop childhood piano lessons into an amateur music career in a very short time! Thanks Steve, you’ve helped me experience a dream come true!”
-Tony S, 38 (Elmhurst)

"Steve has the gift of channeling his creative energy through the language of music. His approach to piano lessons is an enjoyable and invaluable experience. "
-Andy B, 38 (Chicago)

"Really enjoyed my first lesson with Steve!! It's going to be fun working with him - I can really see this will help me a lot!"
-Marion, 49 (Arlington Heights)

"I really am thinking a LOT deeper about music because of you.  Thanks."
-Dale T
, 29 (Chicago)

" Steve's lessons are great. I really wish I knew this sort of stuff 20 years ago when I was dragging my heels through Debussy. I've learned more in 3 months than I have in the last 10 years.
-Andy, 52 (Skokie)

World Class Instruction In Chicago

Piano Lesson information:
  • 30 minutes of study $174
  • 60 minutes of study $299
  • Steve Nixon's piano studio is located in the Old Irving neighborhood of Chicago.
  • There is plenty of free parking nearby. The studio is easily accesible from 90/94, the Blue Line, the Kedzie Bus, and the Addison bus.
  • Huge music library and online resources to learn from.
  • State of the art recording, software, and video capabilities for accelerated learning.
Mention this website and receive $10 off your first hour long piano lesson.

-Eric M. (Chicago Piano Student)