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Steve developed the "Learning Chicago Blues Piano" methodology after spending literally THOUSANDS of hours on stage, in the rehearsal studio, and in lessons with students.

Fortunately, you don't have to spend thousands of hours and years of your life - you can start to learn blues piano today from the comfort and security of your own home.

Steve’s credentials include performances with 4 time Grammy winner Buddy Guy, 2 time Grammy winner Koko Taylor.
He has also toured the world with Lonnie Brooks, Ronnie Baker Brooks, and many other incredible and internationally renowned blues musicians.

This DVD is the only DVD on the market that specifically teaches you how to practice while you learn.  

All the patterns on the video are also notated on a downloadable file (included inside the video). You can learn by ear or by reading!

In this DVD, you’ll learn

1. Blues Theory and Application
2. Right and Left Blues Hand Patterns
3. Blues Rhythms
4. Blues Vocabulary
5. Licks and Variations
6. Hand independence – something difficult for players of any level to grasp, but very achievable through Steve’s detailed method
7. Improvisation: Learn to construct your own unique killer blues licks
8. Practice : Structuring your blues piano practice for maximum performance
9. Music career advice – How to apply your blues chops in the real world of professional performance
10. Notation of left and right hand patterns that can be downloaded as a .pdf - RiGHT OFF THE DVD!
12. … And much more!

It's the only video of it's kind that not only teaches you awesome blues but also breaks down step by step how to practice the material so it can be mastered.

Learning Chicago Blues Piano is in limited press, so take advantage of this incredible teaching series before the opportunity is gone!



Here's What People Are Saying About The "Learning Chicago Blues Piano DVD"...

"Steve is truly unique in his style. He is devoted to helping each student's creativity."

- Shemekia Copeland (Grammy Nominated Blues Vocalist)

"Steve’s blues piano lessons have served me tremendously well as they are rich in theory, technique and musicality yet extremely enjoyable and engaging. He’s helped me develop childhood piano lessons into an amateur music career in a very short time! Thanks Steve, you’ve helped me experience a dream come true!”

-Tony Sansone (Elmhurst)

"Working with Steve has helped me push myself to achieve goals in piano I once believed were past my time to learn.

-Mike K. (Chicago)

"Steve has the gift of channeling his creative energy through the language of music. His approach to piano lessons is an enjoyable and invaluable experience. "

-Andy Brimer (Chicago)

Learn and Improvise Blues Piano DVD
  • Learn and Improvise Blues Piano DVD

Learn and Improvise Blues Piano DVD

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