Musicians Looking to Relocate – Go Where the Money Is!

Music Career Advice: Set Your Sights on a Smaller Town!Plenty of people are working on starting a music career by moving to bigger music towns – Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Chicago and Austin, to name a few.

There are also many musicians looking for music career advice, who are living in small towns and getting ready to relocate to a town with a thriving music community – or at least, it seems like the town is a musical metro.

Here’s a thought – maybe moving to a larger town with a “great” music scene isn’t going to help your career. In fact, if you’re looking to launch a music career, it could be a real career killer.

First, there’s the competition. It’s very likely that in moving to a larger town, you could get lost in the mix of many musicians who are competing for the spotlight – and more importantly, for money. When club owners know they have a pool of talented musicians to pick from, the likelihood of finding a regular, well-paying gig decreases.

This also holds true if you’re giving lessons. There might be a ton of music studios out there, but you can be sure you might deal with parents and store owners who don’t have the kind of money to throw around that you’re looking for. One of the most important tasks of an independent musician, whether a teacher or performer, should always be figuring out where the best source of income is, and how to tap into that.

If you’re looking for music career advice, here’s a unique perspective to consider: Move to a town where the average income is high, and where the average clientele can afford to pay what you’re worth for lessons.

This is actually true of any musical endeavor you’re charging for - gigs at a club, at weddings and high end events – pretty much anything you want to do musically will be so much more profitable if you’re located near people who can afford your talent.

Starting a music career in a small town isn’t necessarily easy, but if it’s a small town where people love music, have an appreciation for the arts, and have money to spend, you could find yourself making six figures easily being the “go-go guy” (or girl!)

America’s highest earning cities include Washington, DC – where there are plenty of lush suburbs such as Bethesda or Chevy Chase, Maryland – and plenty of places for you to go into the city and play if needed. Parents of these communities may not necessarily want to trot their kids into the cities for lessons. If you’re looking for financial help with your music career, your talents would serve you well in a community like Bethesda.

A smaller place like Hartford, Connecticut, is still a city, without being one of the size and competition offered by a place like Los Angeles. You’ll also be likely to land a gig near any resort town, particularly if the residents of the community are higher income folks. Even if we’re talking about a really small town, you can succeed if the money’s right. It doesn’t matter how great the city’s musician seen is. If there is no money in the city it will be extremely challenging to make a living.
So, if you’re looking for music career help and thinking of relocating…. Go where the money is!

According to CNN here are a list of the top 25 earning towns.

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