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New Video Piano Lesson On Major Piano Chord Variations 

Here's a new video I just shot for the online piano instruction site It features some cool way to decorate major chords using the 9th. The basic idea behind this piano lesson is to give a player some new ideas when they see basic piano chords in a chord chart. 

Instead of just playing triads the whole time there are lots of simple ways of creating variations. This provides some different textures and definitely cooler sounds than the plain old triad approach.

You can add the…Read more

Android Phone for Musicians? 

Yesterday I traded my Blackberry in for a Google Android phone. It’s a little hard to believe, even for me. I loved my Blackberry, and got some pretty extensive use out of it. I was hearing great things about Android, particularly for musicians, and I was ready to make the leap.

To be honest the jury’s still out on whether or not the Android is for me – I plan to give it 30 days, and swap my Android for my Blackberry if I don’t find it useful. I want to make sure that I’m not going to be more distracted…Read more

Cool Technology Tips for the Serious Practicing Musician #1 

In my last post I talked about the dangers of too much technology.  In the spirit of fairness and alternative viewpoints I'd like to talk about some ways technology can help us as musicians as well. Technology can be an amazing gift for practicing musicians if used the right way. It seems like every day, another cool, unique tool is hitting the market for musicians to use. Today, I am talking specifically about tools that help musicians practice. Technology used in connection with disciplined practice…Read more

Turn Off Your Crackberry and Create Something! 

Today we get so caught up in technology that we forget how important creativity is to what we do. For many people the barrage of email, Facebook messages, Twitter, text messages, and other types of electronic communications have taken over their lives. It’s getting harder and harder to find that uninterrupted time to do good creative work like practicing your instrument, writing songs, making art, and even just living a healthy life. Being accessible 24 hours a day and constantly being distracted by…Read more

Guest Post: Increase Your Music Teaching Business 

Today, I published another guest post over at Music Teacher's Helper: "Online Tools to increase Your Music Teaching Business". I discuss some online tools you may not know about that will increase your student base, solidify your rep, and expand your reach as a teacher.

For readers of my blog
, consider the info I presented a great way to extend your branding of yourself as a teacher. Using mentoring advice and some other techniques listed here on my site, you can build a global power house studio…Read more

Musicians - How to Make Your Website More Marketable 

 Musicians are often folks on a low to no-budget plan when it comes to marketing. Plenty of people would rather craft a website themselves or have a  friend do it for free than pay a webmaster a few hundred bucks or more to make one. While I have no argument whatsoever against saving money,  having a website sufficient to meet the needs of your product is absolutely essential to moving forward in your career.

 In 2010, the top two income streams for independent recording artists comes from record sales and…Read more

Musicians Looking to Relocate – Go Where the Money Is! 

Plenty of people are working on starting a music career by moving to bigger music towns – Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Chicago and Austin, to name a few.

There are also many musicians looking for music career advice, who are living in small towns and getting ready to relocate to a town with a thriving music community – or at least, it seems like the town is a musical metro.

Here’s a thought – maybe moving to a larger town with a “great” music scene isn’t going to help your career. In fact, if you’re…Read more

Who Influences Your Music Career? 

I’ve always been a huge basketball fan and see lots of parallels between professional basketball and professional music. So, it was with great interest that I tuned in to watch Lebron James announce “The Decision” on Wednesday night. I wanted to see how Lebron navigated his basketball career choice. Could I apply anything from the situation to my music career?

For over two years leading up to this night the media had obsessed over which team Lebron would sign with. Thousands of articles and…Read more

Letting Your Audition Etiquette Slip? Maybe That’s Why You’re Not Getting Gigs. (Part One) 

Auditions are a little nerve-wracking for all of us. Not only are you expected to show your talents and abilities, but you’re thrust into a situation where you’re dealing with the egos and attitudes of other musicians. If you can make it through the audition and make it into the band, you might have one of the best musical experiences of your life – or, you might find yourself turned away, or worse , not called back.

There’s also a HUGE difference between your run-of-the-mill band audition, and those…Read more