How To Choose the Right Piano Teacher Article #1

Many future piano students are overwhelmed by finding the right piano teacher.
Finding a teacher that understands your individual goals and can help you achieve them can seem very difficult.  Here is just a few tips to assist you in selecting the best piano teacher for you. 

1. Choose a teacher with lots of professional performance experience. 

If you study with a teacher who has very little experience in the real world of performance they are teaching based off of what they think "may" work.  On the other hand if your teacher has performed thousands of performances they are sure to know the tried and true techniques to help you learn piano at the highest level. 
Tip: Make sure your teacher has a performance resume.  There should be names on there of people you have heard of before!

2. Find a teacher with a degree from a top level music conservatory (Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory, Julliard School of Music, Eastman School of Music)

The difference of studying piano with a conservatory trained piano teacher and somebody without one of these degrees can be astounding.  Conservatories only accept the most talented and focused of musicians and teachers.  You can ensure that when you learn from a conservatory trained musician you are learning the most detailed, most structured, and rich approach to learning music.  Your time, future talent, and passion is very important.  

3. Make sure the piano teacher instructs the styles of music you enjoy.

If you love blues, rock and jazz then why would you study with an instructor who only plays classical music.  Most teachers who primarily teach classical don't understand the modern method of learning, teaching, and performing popular music.  Make sure your teacher can teach you various styles of music based off your individual interests.

4. Find a teacher who has written many articles, books, or published instructional videos to ensure their teaching expertise.

It is a great sign when a teacher has created their own education material.  It takes thousands of hours to create high level educational content.  Therefore, you know a teacher has put in many hours into crafting their skill as a music educator.

5. Make sure your teacher has a success rate with their students that matches your goals

It is important that your teacher can help your achieve your goals.  For example, If your goals is to play piano for a church make sure your teacher has a history of teaching their students how to achieve this.  

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