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How To Comp: Two Handed Jazz Blues Chord Lesson 

 Here's a free lesson I just shot for the website I really go into depth on how to play rootless jazz piano chords and voicings behind a soloist. There's some cool chords and rhythms in there. I'm excited to share it with friends in Chicago and around the world!
This video lesson combines 2 of my favorite styles. Jazz and Blues. I even throw in a couple gospel chords in there for good measure too! If you're interested in learning more about this style o any other jazz piano…Read more

Paying It Forward 

When I graduated Berklee in 20002 they had a great career assistance program in place.  This program allowed recent grads to get in touch with successful musicians who were living in the city the recent graduate was planning on moving to.
I didn't know very much about Chicago nor did I know much about the music business here.  I just knew I wanted to be there.  I received many great tips along the way about the best neighborhoods to live in, restaurants to eat at, how to avoid parking tickets, how to get…

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How To Choose the Right Piano Teacher Article #1 

Many future piano students are overwhelmed by finding the right piano teacher.
Finding a teacher that understands your individual goals and can help you achieve them can seem very difficult.  Here is just a few tips to assist you in selecting the best piano teacher for you. 

1. Choose a teacher with lots of professional performance experience. 

If you study with a teacher who has very little experience in the real world of performance they are teaching based off of what they think "may" work.  On the…

Mr. Barry Harris: A force to reckon with 

Barry Harris is one of my heros.  Not only is he just a truly phenomenal piano player but he was also one of the first jazz educators ever.  Barry is 81 years old and still teaching in NYC.  His love and commitment for helping others learn music is second to none.  Thank you Barry for your inspiration.

Thoughts On Becoming An Expert Piano Player 

I’ve always believed people have unlimited potential for learning music. If they put the time in to really develop themselves anything is possible. For years I’ve conquered limitations within my own musical development and have helped my piano students consistently do the same for themselves.

The problem that comes in is that most people aren't focused enough to actually put in time consistently for the long haul. So, instead of actually exploring their own talent deeply and completely they'll…Read more