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How To Comp: Two Handed Jazz Blues Chord Lesson 

 Here's a free lesson I just shot for the website I really go into depth on how to play rootless jazz piano chords and voicings behind a soloist. There's some cool chords and rhythms in there. I'm excited to share it with friends in Chicago and around the world!
This video lesson combines 2 of my favorite styles. Jazz and Blues. I even throw in a couple gospel chords in there for good measure too! If you're interested in learning more about this style o any other jazz piano…Read more

Learn Chicago Blues Piano with Steve Nixon Now Available! 

My new piano instructional DVD is finally here. Thousands and thousands of hours of performance, study, and teaching have gone into the making of this video. I'm delighted to share my passion for blues music and piano education with you.
I made this DVD to be a valuable learning tool for many players out there, and players of all levels can benefit.

Here are just some of the subjects I talk about in the video.
1. Blues Theory and Application
2. Right and Left Blues Hand Patterns
3. Blues Rhythms
4.…Read more

Chicago Blues Piano Instructional DVD  

I'm excited to announce that we've completed the final round of filming for my upcoming Chicago Blues Piano Instructional DVD.  Shooting the footage was a blast but I couldn't believe the amount of time and work required!  It was all worth it though.
       We'll be starting the editing and post production phases of the DVD in the upcoming week.  I'm just thrilled with the way it's turning out so far.  Stay tuned for further updates.